PR Podcast Response

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Topics of the Week

This week I listened to some podcasts dealing with different aspects of Public Relations. I think the one that was most affective was one on the recent news of the “man with the golden voice” and the new website I had not heard of Quora before this, and of Ted Williams I had heard a little about, but not much. It was really good to learn more about Mr. Williams and his story from PR professionals.

The example of Williams and how his story went viral overnight and got him many job offers was an amazing story of how quickly the Internet can have an affect on not only videos, but also someone’s life. Joe even mentioned how there is no set formula for making a video viral; it is all based on the viewers and their reactions.

They then went in to talk about Quora, a question and answer website, which Joe mentions is a great research tool. He also mentioned how Quora is becoming more and more like a social network, as it is all pure discussion. They finish by saying that they look forward to seeing what the website has to offer in the future and that they are looking forward to playing around with it more.

I think that listening to PR podcasts as students can be very beneficial. It opens a new world of education for students. Not only do we learn a lot more about the industry, but also we can learn a lot more from a slew of different people in the profession. It opens up many many more doors for learning, as well as interaction. With podcasts, many people open it up for questions and then they answer them on the podcast themselves, and for students who have questions, they can have the opportunity to have them answered by professionals and then help other students who may have had the same question. I think it is a fantastic tool to use and everyone should take full advantage of it.


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