Which Era of PR I would prefer to be in

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Topics of the Week

If I had to choose any era of Public Relations history I would like to be in, I think I would really enjoy being a part of the Advocacy era in the mid 1900s. During that era, organizations tried to influence the attitudes and behavior of their publics. Also during this era were a few very important events. In 1922, Bernays taught the first college class in public relations at New York University. In 1923, Rex Harlow became the first full-time college professor of public relations at Stanford University. Also, this era saw the development of many public relations agencies and departments by Bernays, Carl Byoir, Leona Baxter, and Clem Whitaker.

World War II also occurred during this era and was a major event in not only the country’s history, but in public relations. During the war, the Office of War Information (formerly known as The Committee on Public Information) began, which furthered into the Office of International Information Programs of the State Department.

I think it would be really fun and interesting to work in public relations during World War II specifically. Also getting into the minds of the publics I would need to work with would be fun to figure out how to get public relations out there. I think mainly it would be amazing to work during World War II and really see what went down in the area of Public Relations during that time. It would have been very difficult to work during that time and I think a challenge like that would have been really fun.


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