Posted: February 12, 2011 in Topics of the Week

This week I decided to take the NewsU course on Journalism: Contributing to a Local Publication. It was very helpful in teaching a lot of good things about journalism, something that is very important for me as it is my minor here at Southeastern. This course taught the essential skills, legal skills, reasons why to contribute, and other skills necessary to survive in the journalism world. It was very helpful in describing the editorial process, some important factors in ethically deciding as a journalist, and identifying the basics of effective writing, editing, and multimedia production.

The six reasons it gave as to why a journalist should contribute locally were very effective and educational. Gaining more experience is always helpful, especially as a writer to become an even better one. It helps gain a larger audience for your work, which can help in future job searches. It helps you get involved even more with your community and can introduce you to more people and future relationships that could even further your job search in the end, and along with this making connections. And I really enjoyed how it said “sometimes people become journalists just because there is one story that they want to figure out and tell. There may be a story that drives you, a story that fascinates you so much that you feel it needs to be dissected and divulged. Working with a news organization can help you get the access you need to discover that truth.”

It also taught some very important skills to remember how to use in not only the essential aspect of things, but in the legal area as well. These definitely came in handy and taught a lot, and I will probably have to look at this course again in the future as a refresher down the road.


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