10 items known by their brand name

Posted: April 15, 2011 in PR Connections, Public Relations

As I searched PR Daily, I came across this post and was immediately interested. It’s always fascinating to me to see what products we know by their brand names, and I thought this article was awesome at bringing them forward.

From garbage dumpsters, to frisbees, we all know certain products and items by their brand names. Often times we don’t realize that Kleenexes are actually called “facial tissue”, and that Kleenex is the most known brand name that produces the product. When someone is about to sneeze, they often ask for a Kleenex, instead of a tissue. Bandaids are another prime example.

The “adhesive bandage” was invented by Johnson and Johnson, and now the “Band-Aid” brand name is seen all over the household, so why not just use the shorter, more convenient name when one is needed?

When ones lips are really dry, we often ask for chapstick. Lip balm just sounds weird to me, and chapstick is an easier way of saying you need it. Even when we are using Burt’s Bees brand, we still refer to it as chapstick, even though that is technically not what it is.

Other examples given were the hula hoop, styrofoam, and post-its. I think it was very interesting to see the origin of some of these items as well as what their true name is that we don’t establish them with.

See the list of 32 that BuzzFeed gave here.


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