5 year old saves her dad’s life

Posted: April 15, 2011 in PR Connections, Public Relations

Five year old Savannah saved her father’s life after he had a heart-attack and was unable to speak. She remained very calm throughout the entire phone call with the police and was very cooperative and reassuring to her father. The phone call is below to listen to.

I found this story amazing. The fact that this young child was so patient and calm during the whole process with the dispatcher on the line is amazing. I loved listening to the phone call and hearing how nice and cooperative not only Savannah was, but also the police officer. One of her biggest worries was picking what to wear for when the ambulance got there as she had to change out of her pajamas. She was very reassuring to her father through the whole process and made sure her father stayed awake and okay until the ambulance got there.

This is a great story to hear and I still am fascinated by it.


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