Social Organizations and Fund Raising

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Public Relations, Topics of the Week

For my presentation in class I am doing the section in Chapter 20 that deals with Social Organizations and Fund Raising. This was a fun section to do, even though I already knew the basics behind a lot of what was talked about in it, it was still a good section to read and create my presentation for so I can educate myself more, and my classmates more.

In doing this presentation I learned more about social organizations and what they do, and the different kinds. I learned that there are seven different categories of social agencies, and what exactly the term “social” in “social organizations” means. “Social” includes service, health, cultural, religious, and philanthropic organizations. Communication is essential for the organizations success, therefore they require active, creative public relations programs. I learned that about the seven categories: social service agencies, health agencies, religious organizations, welfare agencies, cultural organizations, and foundations. The book had a lot of good information on each category of organization, which was very helpful.

The public relations goals that were listed were also very helpful. The goals it listed were: develop public awareness of the organization’s purpose and activities, induce individuals to use the services the organization provides, create educational materials, recruit and train volunteer workers, obtain funds to operate the organization. The amount of detail the book went into with each of these was amazing to read and learn from. It really went into grave detail especially with volunteers and how to recruit them, which was very helpful in learning how to do so.

The fund raising section built upon a lot of knowledge that I already knew, but was still good to read. A lot of the risks and ways of fund raising I already knew about, but it was good to get the professionals point of view on the subject matter. I see a lot of the risks and methods of fund raising in my every day life, from telemarketers to direct mail sent to my house, I have been around it for quite some time.

Reading up on all of this new information was a great way to broaden my knowledge on the subject matter, and I look forward to giving my presentation to the class next week.

Attached is the powerpoint I made for the presentation.

PR presentation


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